Social pension: for the elderly, it is seventh heaven

For the first time, Lolo Leonardo Genodia, 65, of Brgy. Zamora, Pontevedra, Negros Occidental received his social pension.

“Nalipay gid ako nga isa ako sa nakabaton sang pension subong,” (I am now at seventh heaven because I was one of the many who received the social pension), he said.

Lolo Leonardo was born in a family of hacienda workers. “Instead of going to school during my younger years, I preferred working in the sugar field because we are really poor.  Until the time when I had my own family, I continued to work to earn and feed my wife and five children."

Lolo Leonardo said, “I was once durable and sturdy like the sugar cane. For generations, I have survived through striving and doing any jobs specifically during dead season (tiempo muerto). I was not choosy with jobs, the most important thing for me is to earn for my family."

"At least my hard work paid off.  My children finished high school and now they have their own family. Somehow they could find work better than I had and send their children to school too."

He, however, expressed that finding work at this time is impossible. He was recently diagnosed with lung cancer.  “Who could say that I would still be fit to work? All I can do is just sit and walk a little due to my illness,” he said.

“Still I am lucky because of my wife and children who never feel tired to take care of me despite of difficulties. My children would sometimes give a little help for my medicine but I do not always expect since they also have their own family,” he said.

Lolo Leonardo also shared that his wife even works as a helper at times to help him buy medicines and food.

Lolo Leonardo Genodia Brgy. Zamora, Pontevedra, Negros Occidental receives his social pension from the government via DSWD

“Nevertheless, God provides. Perhaps he sees how difficult we live,” he said.  “Through this Social Pension, I can now buy some of my medicines and our food.

This is really a big help for me and my family,” he said. “I am very happy for this amount that I've got.

This pension by some means could cross our needs,” Lolo Leonardo finally said, teary-eyed./dswd6/Merry Jezzel M. Brendia

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